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Kvemo Kartli, Bolnisi

Bolnisi Museum

Free of chargeSaturday 17 June

  • Difficultés motrices / fauteuil roulant

48a Davit Agmashenebeli Street, Bolnisi, Georgia


Bolnisi Museum is part of the Georgian National Museum. Bolnisi Museum combines science, history and education to create a one-of-a-kind cultural space. Located in the small town of Bolnisi, Georgia, the gallery is one of the nation’s newest museums, having opened in 2020. Its permanent and temporary exhibitions include everything from ancient clay objects and medieval stone inscriptions to photographs and works of art.

Discoveries from the town of Dmanisi and the Arukhlo and Sakdrisi archaeological sites which remain on permanent display emphasize local nature, early Georgian history, the development of regional agriculture, the metallurgical industry and early Christian architecture.

School group visits

School group visits

Arranging activities for School Children

Simulation of Archaeological Excavation
Game: Find objects in the museum collections
Presentation about the Cultural Heritage in Georgia
Presentation about Archaeology


Saturday 17 June de 12:00 à 16:30


Schoolchildren :

Secondary school (11-15 years)


Mobility issues / wheelchair

Press contact:

Nino Bakanidze Nana Liluashvili


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