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Imereti, Vani

Vani Archaeological Museum

FreeSunday 18 June

  • Difficultés motrices / fauteuil roulant

32 Otar Lordkipanidze Street, Vani, Georgia


Vani Museum is part of the Georgian National Museum.The ruined/former town of Vani is a multi-layered archeological site, that includes cultural layers from the Iron Age to the Hellenistic era. The site is situated on a hill divided into three terraces, protected on two sides by deep ravines. The settlement in Vani existed continuously for eight centuries (VIII-I centuries BC). The earliest stage in the history of Old Vani dates back to the VIII-VII centuries BC, although the material of this period is relatively scarce. Presumably, the construction activities of the following periods damaged the ancient monuments. At this stage, the city was supposed to be a cult center of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Discovery tour

Discovery tour

What Do the Artifacts Tell Us

Participants will explore archaeological excavations and the territory of the Vani settlement, as well as the collections of the museum and get invlolved in interactive educational activities.




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