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Lori, Stepanavan Community

"Lori Berd (Fortress)” Settlement” Historical and Cultural Reserve

FreeSunday 18 June

Lori Berd village


"Lori Berd" is an 11th-century medieval fortress located on a peninsula along the deep gorge cut by the Dzoraget and Tashir rivers. Historian Vardan Arevelci (8th century) has given reliable information about the Castle in reserve territory. David Anhoghin of Kyurikid’s branch of Ani’s Bagratid dynasty founded Lori - Berd nearly in 989-1048. The ancient Castle - resident occupied nearly 35 hectare territory, and the citadel occupied 8.5 hectare territory of it. It was reliably protected by strong defensive which was rather tall, averaging 21.4m high, stretching from one ravine to another and fastened more than once ( in some places its width came up to 20m).



"Lori Berd” Settlement” under a New Light of Excavations”

The exhibition and the thematic educational program-excursions, organized in the branch, will present the results of the excavations of the ancient site in recent years.

an exhibition organized in the branch, a thematic educational program-excursion will present the results of excavations in recent years. The exhibition and the thematic excursions will be conducted by members of the archaeological expedition.


Sunday 18 June de 12:00 à 17:00

Children, Family, Adults, General public

Schoolchildren :

Primary, Secondary school (11-15 years), Secondary school (15 years and up)

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Vanyan Harutyun


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