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Kotayk, Hrazdan town, Kotayk province

Makravank Monastery Complex



Makaravank is a 10th-13th century church complex near the Achajur village of Tavush Province, Armenia, located on the slope of Paitatap Mountain. Though the monastery is no longer used for services, the complex is well preserved. There are 4 churches, a gavit (narthex) that serves the two largest of the churches, and other buildings which served secondary roles. At one time, there used to be vast settlements around Makaravank, the presence of which was of great importance for the growth of the monastery.



Lecture and familiarization with the monument in place

Makravank is one of the important historical and architectural monuments of the High Middle Ages (10-13th centuries) of Armenia. The expedition of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia has been conducting archaeological research in the monastery in recent years. During the lecture, the results of those studies will be presented in the light of new researches of other medieval monastic complexes (Makravank, Nurnus) of Kotayk province.


Saturday 17 June de 11:00 à 12:30

Children, Family, Adults, Schoolchildren

Schoolchildren :

Primary, Secondary school (11-15 years), Secondary school (15 years and up)

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Vanyan Harutyun


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