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Yerevan, Erebuni Administrative District

"Erebuni” historical and archaeological museum-reserve

FreeFriday 16 June

Armenia, 0020, Yerevan
Erebuni St., 38 Building


Erebuni museum, which is concerned with the history of the establishment of Yerevan, was founded in 1968. The finds discovered from the three famous archaeological sites of Arin Berd, Karmir Blur and Shengavit, situated in the administrative boundaries of Yerevan, were the scientific reason for the foundation of the museum. The museum opened its doors to an audience on October 19, 1968 in honour of the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan city. On March 7, 2003 Erebuni was transformed into a Historical & Archaeological Culture-Preserve. It now acts with "Karmir Blur” and "Shengavit” branches and is the only archaeological culture–preserve for or people in Yerevan and an important Urartuological center in the region.



"Today I’m an Archaeologist”

All schoolchildren, interested in archaeology and new discoveries, will have the opportunity to carry out archaeological excavations together and make new discoveries in the artificial-educational excavation area adjacent to Erebuni Museum. During the educational program, with the help of a professional archaeologist, the participants will carry out excavations with archaeological tools and appropriate accessories, unearthing copies of Urartian artifacts, such as jars, various metal objects, remnants of cuneiform and other interesting items.


Friday 16 June de 11:00 à 13:00


Schoolchildren :

Primary, Secondary school (11-15 years)

Press contact:

Vanyan Harutyun


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