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Attica, Acharnes

Hellenic Committee of the Blue Shield

Online Athens

In the framework of a field study designed and conducted by 2nd Grade Students of the 7th Junior High School of Acharnes, the President of the Hellenic Committee of the Blue Shield, Dr Elena Korka delivered a lecture regarding the history of the Parthenon Marbles and the importance of protection of cultural heritage. The students have been involved in a school cultural programme entitled “An abducted Karyatid narrates...“ about the karyatid and the Parthenon Marbles case. Therefore, the students invite you to experience a visit to the Acropolis Museum through this field study. Make sure you take down notes of your observations, feelings, emotions and thoughts!

Epirus, Preveza

Archaeological site of Kassope

Τ.Κ. 48100, Kamarina (Prefecture of Preveza, Epirus, Greece)

Kassope was the capital of Kassopaea in ancient Epirus (Greece). It was founded before the middle of the 4th century B.C. in order to protect the fertile valley which stretches to the south, from the exploitation of the Eleian colonists. The city flourished in the 3rd century B.C., when the large public buildings (Prytaneiom, North Stoa, Katagogion) were erected and the private houses rebuilt. In the same period it even had its own mint but its prosperity came to an end in 168-167 B.C., when it was destroyed by the Romans.

Guided tour

Wandering around ancient Kassope
Participating in the “European Heritage Days” celebration, we are organizing a guided tour for the public in the ancient city of Kassope.
Participants will have the opportunity to wander around the city and visit its theater that has just been restored.


Friday 17 June de 10:00 à 11:30

General public

Epirus, Preveza

Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

3rd Km of Preveza - Ioannina National Road 481 00 Preveza

The Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis (AMN) is located in Preveza (Epirus, Greece). It is dedicated exclusively to the city founded in commemoration of the victory of Octavian Augustus at the naval battle of Actium in 31 BC.
The main theme of its permanent exhibition is summarized in the phrase: One Battle, One City, One Empire. Octavian’s victory at Actium did not only lead to the founding of Nicopolis; it also had great influence on the evolution of the Roman Empire as well as the course of history.
The AMN presents the city of Nicopolis, all the facts related to the founding, evolution, development and its abandonig.


Archaeologist for one day
We invite schoolschildren to a workshop in the musme'w coutryard, dedicated to the excavation procedure.
Children will have the opportunity to “fulfill“ an excavation: reveal (copies of) roman pottery, coins and other objects, design and photograph their findings, keep the diary of their excavation.


Friday 17 June de 10:00 à 11:30


Schoolchildren :