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Kvemo Kartli, Bolnisi

Bolnisi Museum - Georgian National Museum

FreeFriday 17 June, Saturday 18 June

48a D. Aghmashenebeli Str. Bolnisi, Georgia.

Bolnisi Museum is a model of the 21st century regional museum and the new ecosystem in general – where different segments as science, culture, education, and tourism coexist in one space.

The permanent exhibition displays significant archaeological materials and artworks mainly from the collections of the Georgian National Museum and also from the local museum.

New Bolnisi Museum presents the history of the bio-cultural diversity of the region and its connection with the global context with the synthesis of classic museum methodology and modern technologies.

Guided tour

Guided tour

Cradle of Wine

1. Tour around the museum;
2. Presentation about the Archaeology;
3. Documentary Movie – "Cradle of Wine”
4. Restoration of Ceramics


Saturday 18 June de 12:00 à 15:00

Friday 17 June de 12:00 à 15:00

General public, Schoolchildren

Schoolchildren :

Secondary school (11-15 years)

Activity - Restoration of Ceramics

Wheelchair accessible

Press contact:

Nino Bakanidze Nana Liluashvili


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Access map

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