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Guided tour "Following the footprints of Pharmacist Melchior"

Fee requiredSaturday 18 June

Komandandi tee 2 Tallinn

What was Tallinn like in 1409? What has preserved from the time? What was used to cover windows when glass had not been invented yet? Where did the first pharmacist live and how did people get their medicine? A guided tour will be organised on 18 June that will introduce how the film "Pharmacist Melchior" was made. The film describes life in 15th century Tallinn. The tour is organised by Tallinn City Museum.

Discovery tour

Discovery tour

Discovery tour "Following the footprints of Pharmacist Melchior" . What was Tallinn like in the 15th century?

A film "Pharmacist Melchior" was recently premiered. The film describes life in 15th cent Tallinn. The discovery tour will take us to some of the sites where the action was filmed, starting from the mightiest cannon tower Kiek-in-de-Kök in the Baltic Sea area. The tour will be led by Külliki Tint, Director of Archaeological Collections of the Tallinn City Museum.

12.00 €, There are discounted rates

Saturday 18 June de 14:00 à 16:00

Family, Adults, General public, Schoolchildren

Schoolchildren :

Secondary school (15 years and up)

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