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Jõgeva, Põltsamaa

Põltsamaa Castle

FreeFriday 17 June

Lossi 1 Põltsamaa 48103 Jõgeva maakond

The castle in Põltsamaa was founded by the Livonian Order in 1272 as a defensive fortress. During the Livonian War it was for a period occupied by Polish troops and from 1570 to 1578 served as official residence of Duke Magnus of Holstein. Recent renovation at Põltsamaa Castle also involved archaeological studies of the castle area. On 17 June archaeologists will talk about their recent discoveries.

Discovery tour

Discovery tour

Discovery tour of Põltsamaa Castle

Archaeologists Mihkel Tammet and Ants Kraut will lead a tour in Põltsamaa Castle to introduce the latest archaeological discoveries. The tour will be followed by a lecture in the castle, where some of the most interesting finds will be dispayed.


Friday 17 June de 15:00 à 17:00

Family, Adults, Schoolchildren

Schoolchildren :

Secondary school (11-15 years), Secondary school (15 years and up)

Discovering the Early History of Põltsamaa Castle.

Press contact:

Helle Solnask

+372 53494304

  • Aerial view of Põltsamaa Castle.
    Maili Roio
  • Cannon ball discovered in the Castle courtyard.
    Ants Kraut

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