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Jihočeský, Kovářov

Zážitkový park Zeměráj

201 Kovářov 39855 Kovářov

The “Zážitkový park Zeměráj“ (Nature Adventure Park) is situated between Central and Southern Bohemia, covers an area of 9 hectares and surrounds a former farmhouse with a preserved timbered house dating back to 1640. “Zeměráj“ mainly consists of an Archaeological Park of an Early Mediaeval Slavic village surrounded by gardens, fields and pastures, a pagan sanctuary and a burial mounds, animated by its inhabitants and animals. Furthermore, there are archaeological and palaeontological simulated sites. It was constructed according to the model of interactive open-air museums, on the basis of modern methods of live interpretation of cultural and natural heritage. The “Zeměráj“ is a member of the EXARC.


Evropské dny archeologie
You will learn about the specific work of an archaeologists, about selected archaeological findings and the essentials of protecting archaeological heritage. You can search for relics of a specific period in a simulated archaeological site, put together “broken“ pottery or wooden building blocks of a log house, learn about the burial means in the early Middle Ages using a model of a skeleton grave, decorate your own pottery using ancient ornaments, make your own clay amulet according to the prehistoric templates. The event also includes a complex live interpretation of the lives of inhabitants in an early medieval Slavic village.

140.00 CZK, There are discounted rates

Saturday 18 June de 10:00 à 18:00

Children, Family, Adults, General public, Schoolchildren