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Scotland, Scottish Borders, Hawick

Stobs Military Camp Project | Archaeology Scotland

FreeFriday 17 June, Saturday 18 June, Sunday 19 June

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The Stobs Military Camp Project (4 miles south of Hawick in the Scottish Borders) is an internationally important First World War site. It was an arena for Scotland's preparation for war and the subsequent handling of First World War prisoners, both civilian and military.

This community project aims to better understand Stobs Camp and the role it played, to value, share and commemorate Stobs and the people connected to it and to protect it for future generations.

Browse the online exhibition and explore the many other resources on the project website.

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Digital offers

Behind the Wire: Civilian Internment in the British Empire, 1914-1919

We are delighted to be able to share with you the material from ‘Behind the Wire: Civilian Internment in the British Empire, 1914-1919’. Here is Prof Stefan Manz, Academic Lead, to introduce the exhibition:

"We are very pleased to put our exhibition ‘Behind the Wire’ online for everyone to enjoy. Our initial plan was to wait until all public venues had finished their showings – but then COVID-19 came along and led to the closure of museums, libraries and other public spaces. In this difficult time, it is all the more important that all of us have access to culture and heritage.

If anything, the current lockdown has shown how relevant it is to study First World War internment. Many people worldwide are experiencing issues that are strikingly similar to those shown in the exhibition: enforced social disconnection, worries about the future, boredom, anxiety, disruption of professional life. However, the exhibition also demonstrates that it is possible to avoid the depressive ‘Barbed Wire Disease’ through cultural and physical activity. This will throw a different light on everyone’s personal coping strategies in lockdown.

By browsing through the panels you will be in good company. Since November 2018 the exhibition has been seen by over 20,000 visitors in public venues across the UK, Ireland, Canada, the United States and South Africa. We hope you will now enjoy the online experience just as much as a visit to your local museum.”


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