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For 12 years now, the European Archaeology Days (EAD) have been inviting the public to plunge into the past and explore the material traces of societies since prehistoric times. Over a three-day period, more than one thousand events will be on offer for all to enjoy throughout France: excavation sites exceptionally open to the public for the occasion, educational and game-based activities, opportunities to meet researchers, laboratory discovery tours, exhibitions, screenings, and more.

2021: “Behind the scenes of archaeology” unveiled

In 2021, the JEA offered a feature entitled "Behind the Scenes of Archaeology”, a selection of original offerings to experience places or collections that are usually closed off to the public: museum storerooms, behind-the-scenes looks at exhibitions or laboratories, creative workshops, museums in the making... The line-up includes: the workshops where the replica of the Cosquer Cave is currently being built, the restoration workshop of the Museum of Ancient Arles housing the famous Pompeian-style painted plasterwork of the Verrerie site, an exclusive preview visit to the future Narbo Via Museum in Narbonne, the skeleton of a mammoth at the INRAP Centre in La Courneuve, casts of Neanderthal children's footsteps... 

A European dynamic

Despite the public health crisis, the JEA have continued to open up to Europe in 2021. All the countries have stepped forward once again to celebrate European archaeology in all its forms. In 2021, 26 countries took part in the JEA. To walk in the footsteps of our past during the JEA is to finally go beyond our borders to enjoy cultural and heritage sites all over Europe, and to meet researchers and archaeological heritage players.


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