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On line | Roman Roads in Europe. Iter Romanum

GratuitoVenerdì 18 giugno, Sabato 19 giugno, Domenica 20 giugno

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  • Difficultés motrices / fauteuil roulant
  • Handicap auditif
  • Handicap mental

From her Childhood, Clara loved to live imaginary adventures with the history books that she read. But, with the passage of the time, she have decided to take her passion further and has traveled Europe in search of Roman vestiges, which she discovered during his beloved readings.
The only problem is that this trip has led her to misappropriate treasures, for her personal collection, which must be recovered immediately And this is where you come in!
You have been commissioned to access his secret base and discover the itinerary and route he carried out, in order to recover the precious objects

Contenuto digitale

Contenuto digitale

Escape Room Iter Romanum

Following the story that is proposed, you will only need a mobile device or computer to solve different puzzles and riddles, also obtaining information about the Roman roads, routes, culture,...


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Medie, Superiori


Difficoltà motorie/sedie a rotelle, Disabilità uditiva, Disabilità mentale

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