Banska Bystrica, Rimavská Sobota

Gemersko - malohontské múzeum Rimavská Sobota

Fee requiredFriday 18 June

Nám. M. Tompu 14/5 SK
979 01 Rimavská Sobota

The lecture entitled Latest Archaeological Research will present the remarkable results of archaeological research in the Gemer-Malohont region.

Archaeologist PhDr. Alexander Botoš through a lecture on the latest archaeological research of the museum. In his lecture he will present remarkable results of his latest archaeological research, such as research of the Art Nouveau Petrivalský villa in Hnúšť, research of the Gothic church in Žíp, research of the Bronze Age burial ground in the center of Rimavská Sobota, research of the defunct Pauline monastery in Slavec - Gombasek or research of the defunct Širkovce - Kapla castle.

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Alexander Botoš


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