Järva, Paide

Paide vallimägi

FreeFriday 18 June

Veski tänav 11/1
Paide linn Järvamaa


The written history of Paide Castle dates back to 1265, but even earlier the ancient Estonians most probably had built a fortification there.

The tower on Vallimägi Hill is now home to the Wittenstein Time Centre, which on 18 June will take visitors to explore the hidden secrets of the castle.

Archaeologist Kalle Lange from Estonian Heritage Society, who has studied the early history of Paide at length, will explain the ancient history to us.

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  • 1880
    Ajakeskus Wittenstein
  • Paide Castle
    Ajakeskus Wittenstein
  • Paide Castle in 1863
    Ajakeskus Wittenstein
  • Ajakeskus Wittenstein/Järvamaa Muuseum

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