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  • Olomoucký
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Olomoucký, Černá Voda

The Silesian museum, castle Kaltenštejn

The ruins of the medieval castle Kaltenštejn
79054 Černá Voda

The medieval castle Kaltenštejn is located on a not very high hill in the Jeseníky Mountains, 437 m above sea level, near the village of Černá Voda. Kaltenštejn was built in 13th century and it also appears in contemporary written sources as “castrum Kaltensteyn“.
In these days Kaltenštejn is very affected by the illegal activities of amateur “treasure finders“. In response, the implementation of a long-term project of mapping and preventive protection of fortified medieval fortifications in the Jesenicko region began.
The aim of non-destructive research is mapping, visual digitization and precise geodetic survey of the castle complex.
Also important is the aspect of alerting the public to the need to protect destroyed monuments, which are an integral part of our cultural awareness.

Discovery tour

Guided tour
A tour of the medieval castle Kaltenštejn with an expert explanation of the history of the castle with an example of ongoing archaeological research.


Saturday 19 June de 13:00 à 14:30 Friday 18 June de 13:00 à 14:30

General public