Highlights of the European programme #Archeorama

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20/06 15:00 - Presentation of the Mission Caucasus

Mrs Bérengère Perello will present in video the archaeological mission of the Ministry of Europe and French Foreign Affairs that she leads in Armenia on prehistoric and protohistoric cultures.

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20/06 16:00-17:30 Thrusters: from reindeer hunters to kangaroo hunters

Live on the youtube channel of the Musem of Malgré-Tout

In the company of Pierre Cattelain, archaeologist and expert in the study of this little-known weapon of the general public, this visit will take you from the extraordinary world of prehistoric hunters from Europe to the deserts populated by the Aborigines of Australia, via the swamps of Papuans from New Guinea and the icy expanses traversed by the Eskimos of the Arctic

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National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The Museum proposes a three-dimensional virtual tour including the exponents from their permanent exposition (Prehistory Hall, Vault, Central Hall, Middle ages Hall), their gallery with Eastern Orthodox icons (14th–18th centuries) and the exponents from the temporary exposition "Bulgarian Archaeology 2019”. Find more here


19/06 Worshop Little archaeologists

The Vučedol Culture Museum proposes this online workshop, in which children will have the opportunity to research on a children's archeological probe and process the found objects like real archaeologists.

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Czech Republic

20/06 Nature Adventure Park Zeměráj

Sevral demonstrations and workshops inside the parc. Find more


We walk for living history

Embark on a time travel 610 years back in time The year is 1410. The heavy-duty war machines will shoot with stone balls beyond Guldborgsund, the cannons will burst, there will be daily knight tournaments and the small market town of Sundkøbing will be full of life and exciting experiences for the whole family.

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20-21/06 From 10:00 Hiiumaa archeology - who can do it?

During this web-based event, archaeologist Monika Reppo will present one and five minute videos (in Estonian) and a series of threaded Tweets (in English) on a selection of sites from the island of Hiiumaa where she has carried out excavations and surveys in recent years. The Wikipedia pages of the selected sites will also be updated.

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20-06 10:00-16:00 Surprise! Surprise! Exciting discoveries of archaeology in Westphalia

On Saturday, 20th June, the LWL Museum of Archaeology in Herne and the LWL-Römermuseum in Haltern am See will be exchanging digital battles on the exciting discoveries of archaeology in Westphalia over the past centuries. The action takes place on their Facebook page!

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Archaeological Museum Hamburg

The Google Arts and Culture Project proves that culture and modern technology can go hand in hand: Here, people interested in culture can easily discover museums from all over the world with just a few clicks. The Archaeological Museum Hamburg is represented here with three exhibitions and an online collection.

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Video Library of the Frecnh School of Athens

(Re)discover all the scientific events of the French School of Athens online. Colloquia, study days, conferences, workshops, but also slide shows and mini-documentaries, not forgetting the annual EFA conferences through which you will learn all about the School's activities year by year.

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20-06 14:00-15:00 Brilliant inventions, innovative ideas – Episodes from the history of ancient technology

The Aquincum Museum and Archaeological Park in Budapest proposes a live conference on Facebook about the "technical revolution” between the 3rd c. BC and 1st c. AD. Find more.


Archaeological Museum Lametino

Photographic contest "ArcheoLamezia" in collaboration with the instagram channel IgersLameziaTerme.

The Facebook page of the museum will also be the digital place where children can try their hand at solving a series of "archaeogames" designed just for them!

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National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia

During each day they will share special content about the work on their social networks: from rumors about the discovery to in-depth studies and archival materials, because there are many stories that these finds can tell us!

Every morning they will say good morning with one of the stories made in collaboration with Fondazione RadioMagica Onlus about some of the most famous finds in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia.

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20/06 Archaeological club garden Lucavsala

The club proposes a guided tour through the archaeological garden, with experimental archaeology workshops. Find more


Lithuanian National Museum

The two-day event will be open to everyone, both at home and at the museum. Lectures on the topic of Lithuanian Stone Age and demonstrations of prehistoric crafts are waiting for you. Lectures will also be broadcast online. Find more


20/06 05:45am Summer Solstice Live stream from Ħaġar Qim Temple

Heritage Malta offers us a Live stream from a World Heritage Site on their facebook page. Find more


Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco

Visits to exhibition halls, panoramic terrace, shop. Note that you will be able to start discovering the setting up of a brand new brand new exhibition!


Virtual Reality & 3D at the Hunebedcentrum

The Hunebedcentrum offers a virtual tour where you can choose from a map, zoom in and look closely at every megalith in the Netherlands. In a second experience, you can visit a selection of the six most beautiful Hunebedden in the province of Drenthe.

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19/06 12:00-14:00 The Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk

Archeology from the kitchen ! The broadcast will contain live entries. A special television studio will be created in the Blue Lamb granary. The program will be hosted by Tomasz Galiński, journalist of Radio Gdańsk. Viewers will be able to ask questions in Facebook comments.

The Museum will show archeology in an attractive and understandable way for everyone. Three cameras, dynamic transitions and everything in Full HD quality. The recordings will also be available later, after the live premiere, on the Museum YouTube channel.

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National Museum of Archaeology

Discover the online and 3D exhibition about Sharjah Emirate, as well as the prospecting and excavation works developed there by FCSH-Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The museum also proposes a exhibition on Google Arts & Culture about his animals and human mummies.

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Municipal Museum of Archaeology of Fundão

The Museum proposes an open online conversation that aims to discuss the importance of cultural heritage and the relations and challenges facing the archaeological site of Argemela, a protohistoric settlement that has assumed great notoriety because it is located in one of the largest lithium deposits in the Iberian Peninsula.It will takes places on Google Meets on Friday 19 at 18:00

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19/06 10:00-16:00 Archeology for all

The National Heritage Institute offers the opportunity to watch online a conference dedicated to his first particpation in the EAD. Accessible to the general public, topics on the history of archeology, access to archaeological information, the archeology-citizen relationship, preventive archeology, the archeology-architecture relationship, the archaeological heritage subject to threats, etc. will be addressed.

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Virtual Tour of Swargas

Swargas (Сваргас) is a historical and ethnographic open-air museum, recreated in full size, as a fortress of the Baltic Slavs - the Wends of the early medieval period of the 8th - 12th centuries, during the birth of Russian statehood. This virtual tour includes music.

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Transcarpathian archeological-cultural route

Archeopark Living Archeology, open-air museum in Hanušovce n. T., part of the Regional Museum in Prešov, is connected to the Karpacka Troja Archaeological Museum in Poland by the Transcarpathian Archaeological and Cultural Route. The road is marked with directional and information boards in places of archaeological and cultural attractions on the Slovak and Polish side, with also a mobile application. Find more


Exhibition The Heart of Petoviene - Ptuj in the Roman Era

The exhibition Heart of Petoviona from the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum will be revealed in the video by the co-author of the exhibition, archaeologist Aleksandra Nestorović. Find more


Museum of America

Live conferences about Ecuador's coastal past on Friday 19th.

- 12:00: Chieftains, Spondylus and Rafts. The Project "Enduring" (Ecuador) and The Characterization of Manteña Culture through Archaeology

- 1:00 p.m.: Recognizing Ecuador's archaeological past from the Contact period through the Museo de América

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Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute

Online round table on the occasion of 20 years of Archaeology abroad, on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th.

This cycle will address the work of some of the most emblematic projects of these twenty years, focusing on four major periods of human history: the origins, with the excavations in the Olduvai Gorge, the ancient Egypt through the project Djehuty and Oxirrinco; the great pre-Hispanic American cultures through the projects in the Mayan city of La Blanca (Guatemala), as well as the spectacular discoveries in the Near East in the Phoenician city of Tyre and in the Syrian site of Tell Halula.

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Midsummer Party

Ekehagen's ancient village is an archeological open-air museum and one of the Nordic region's largest ancient villages!

Where do the Midsummer traditions come from? With singing, dancing and playing we move back in time. Johanna Lillvik and Sabina Henriksson sing and play on old instruments.

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19/06 18:00 Livestream from the excavation in Riehen

Archaeological Soil Research Basel-Stadt goes live on Instagram for the first time. The cantonal archaeologist Guido Lassau will guide you through the excavation and will answer live questions that you can ask on Instagram during the tour.

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"Me man. You woman. Roles carved in stone?"

Discover the exhibition from NMB New Biel Museum in its smallest details, from voluminous installations to the smallest gold earring. Interviews, videos and numerous archaeological discoveries invite you to reflect on the gender roles of Prehistory to the present day.

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Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum

The Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum houses a diverse collection of artifacts unearthed in Anatolia.

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United Kingdom

Park in the Past - Bird's Eye View Animation

Park in The Past is an ambitious plan to restore an old sand and gravel quarry near Hope, in Flintshire to create a unique ancient environment based on the 1st Century AD

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