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Leningrad, Vyborg

Virtual Tour of Swargas - with Russian song

The Medieval town of Swargas
Leningradskaya oblast'
188930 Russia

Swargas (Сваргас) is a historical and ethnographic open-air museum, recreated in full size, as a fortress of the Baltic Slavs - the Wends of the early medieval period of the 8th - 12th centuries, during the birth of Russian statehood. “Swargas“ is an Indo-European word translated as “Sunny sky.“

With great experience and capability, Swargas is interested in meeting new partners and taking part in international projects and activities. Our territory and covered courts affords Swargas an opportunity to take part in cultural exchange and get popular for tourists from different countries.

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Virtual Tour of Swargas
Virtual Tour of Swargas, a fortress of the Baltic Slavs - the Wends in Russia. Includes music.