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-- None --, Riga

Arheokluba darzs Lucavsala

Rīga, Lucavsalas iela, LV

13:00 - A guided tour through the archaeological garden, an introduction to the activities by the Archaeoclub of Latvia and experimental archaeology.
14:00 - A flint working workshop.
15:00 - A bronze casting workshop.
16:30 - An informal part and the discussions.

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Guided tour

Guided tour through the archaeological garden


Saturday 20 June de 13:00 à 17:00

General public

-- None --, Āraiši

European Archaeology Days at Araisi Ezerpils Archaeological Park

Āraiši, Drabešu pag., Amatas novads, LV-4101

Āraiši Archaeological Park is located by the lake and consists of a reconstructed lake settlement from 9-10th centuries (Viking era), picturesque Medieval castle ruins and another islet with samples of dwelling houses from the Stone and Bronze ages. The archaeological finds on the lake settlement have given unique materials and artefacts displaying the building traditions, material and spiritual lifestyle of ancient Latgalian people there. The lake settlement is a result of experimental archaeology and during its reconstruction copies of ancient tools and methods were used to give it maximum authenticity

Digital offerings - Online videos and podcasts

European Archaeology Days at Araisi Ezerpils Archaeological Park
With gathering restrictions and concerns for the safety of visitors, this year's Archaeological Days will take place in a digital environment across Europe. We also joined this call, and in the next four days we will present stories about Āraiši Lake Castle: about the work of archaeologist Jānis Apals in the archaeological research of the lake castle and the 8./9. - 10th century reconstruction of the ancient Latgalian residence.

When and how did you discover Āraiši Lake Castle? We invite you to share memory stories and photos on social networks throughout the week by adding the theme #ezerpils‼ ️