The Final Passage




Made entirely using 3D models, The Final Passage is an uninterrupted journey through the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave whose steady development approaches the experience of the first men who spent time in the cave 36,000 years ago. An uncut sequence-shot filmed with a subjective camera allows us to discover in an immersive manner one of the greatest sites of human history. Lions, mammoths, rhinos, bears and half-human - half-animal figures come to life in this never-before-seen, hyper-realistic digital reproduction. Discovered in 1994, the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave has proven to be extraordinary, enormous, and sumptuously beautiful. Today it is one of the oldest underground sanctuaries recognized in the world.


Directed by Pascal MAGONTIER

Written by Jean-Michel GENESTE

Produced by Martin MARQUET Guy PERAZIO Patricia GENESTE


Within the occasion of the European Archaeology Days and the #Archeorama operation the movie is available online at this address :