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Valstybinis Kernavės kultūrinis rezervatas / State Cultural Reserve of Kernavė

FreeSaturday 15 June
, Sunday 16 June

Kerniaus 4a
LT-19172 Kernavė

Kernavė is the Lithuanian Troy. On the picturesque bank of Neris River, five hill-forts surround Pajauta Valley. People have settled and been buried here since time immemorial. Over an area of 194 hectares the surviving cultural properties, numerous archaeological finds and the landscape formed in the course of history testify to the cultures which have existed in the area for 11,000 years, since the Late Palaeolithic period (9th millennium BC) to this day. At times thriving, stagnant at others, life in the area never ground to a halt.

Guided tour

Guided tour

Ekskursija po rezervatą / Guided tour in the Archaeological Site

Lankytojų lauks apie 2 valandų kelionė į praeitį, aplankant didesnę dalį archeologinių paminklų Kernavės kultūriniame rezervate / A guided tour in the Site visiting most of the archaeological monuments


Sunday 16 June de 15:00 à 17:00

Saturday 15 June
de 12:00 à 14:00

Children, Family, Adults, General public

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