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Harju, Jõelähtme

Rebala heritage protection area


Rebala archaeological area is situated 4 km from the capital city Tallinn, established in 1987. This unique area has the most intense distribution of archaeological monuments in Estonia and is well known also for natural heritage and protected landscapes. Dating from the Bronze Age, the area has many outstanding features like pre-historic field systems, and also ancient farms, villages, technical, artistic and natural sites and monuments. An Information Centre in the heart of the area provides visitors with maps, leaflets and information about the entire region.

Open house

Guided walk in Heritage Protection Area
Estonian Heritage Society organises a guided walk in Rebala Heritage Protection Area on Saturday, 15 June, led by professional archaeologists. A bus to Rebala will depart on 15 June at 10 am from Mere puiestee in Tallinn and return to Tallinn at 16.
Période(s) archéologique(s) :



Saturday 15 June
de 10:00 à 16:00

Adults, General public

Harju, Tallinn

University of Tallinn

Rüütli tn, 10

The exhibition of the Archaeology Centre of the University of Tallinn is an excellent supplement to the programmes of universities, schools and kindergartens in learning about the history of Estonia. Created on the basis of the most outstanding collection of archaeological finds, the exhibition provides an insight into the early settlement of Estonia and explains the ways of life of people who inhabited the current territory of Estonia from 10 000 BC to the 13th century AD. Visitors are welcome to view the exhibition and take a look into the store rooms. The Archaeology Day will be led by archaeologists of the Archaeological Research Centre of the University of Tallinn.


Archaeologists of the University of Tallinn will introduce the rich archaeological collections of the university, displayed in the exhibition and also in the store rooms. A variety of archaeological literature is on offer.


Friday 14 June de 12:00 à 16:00

Children, Family, Adults, General public, Schoolchildren

Schoolchildren :

Preschool, Primary, Secondary school (11-15 years), Secondary school (15 years and up)

Archaeologists explain the finds and what they tell us about our distant past.