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Butser Ancient Farm

Fee requiredSunday 16 June

Butser Ancient Farm
Chalton Ln, Chalton


Butser Ancient Farm is not just a great Hampshire day out – we are also one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the UK, a real working farm that we use as an open-air research laboratory to explore the ancient world.

If you’re looking for a unique family day out in Hampshire, hands-on activities for children, a beautiful landscape, archaeological research, marvellous animals and fascinating architecture, Butser is the place for you!

Here you can travel back to Ancient Britain and experience it with all your senses: touching, seeing and hearing, smelling wood smoke and perhaps even tasting bread cooked over a crackling fire. You will gain a real sense of the past, from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age and Romans, and finishing with the Anglo-Saxons. Discover what they ate, how they survived and where they slept. Was life a constant struggle or was there time to have fun too?



Weapons & Warriors: Fathers’ Day Special

Have a fun day out on Father’s Day and meet the Romans! Discover ancient weapons and be amazed by the lives of brave warriors. Find out how the Roman army lived and fought in Britain, and if you’d cope with wearing the armour, taking your orders in Latin and eating Roman food. Could you defend yourself from an enemy? Would you have been courageous enough to join the Legion? Come and have a go! Standard entrance prices.

Fee required

Saturday 15 June
de 10h00 à 17h00

General public

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Roeland Paardekooper


(+31) 85-8770144

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